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70mm Armoured Cable

70mm Armoured Cable - Unbeatable Quality

Experience the unbeatable durability of GLZW’s 70mm armoured cable. Our high-quality products are designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance. Don’t settle for anything less than the best—order your armour cable today for unbeatable protection at an unbeatable price. Trust GLZW for reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

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    Why Choose GLZW's 70mm Armoured Cable

• GLZW’s 70mm Armoured Cable is made of high-quality materials for reliable performance and safety.
• Its armored design provides robust protection and increased durability.
• Versatile enough to be used in a variety of environments, contractors may require fewer tools and save time on setup – increasing efficiency.
• A high-capacity cable suitable for power networks, underground systems, and mains supply electricity.

Why Choose GLZW's 70mm Armoured Cable
70mm Armoured Cable Price
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    70mm Armoured Cable Price

• 70mm 4 Core armoured cable is approximately USD 24 per meter and made up of Black PVC Sheath, XLPE insulation, copper conductors, and steel wire armoured.
• 70mm 3 Core armoured cable is priced around USD 17 per meter.
• 70mm 4 Core Aluminum Armored Cables are available for Rs 190/meter.
• 70mm 2 Core SWA Armoured Cable has an overall diameter of 29mm, current rating of 279 Amp (Clipped Direct), stranded copper conductors, and XLPE insulation.
• Prices may vary depending on supplier and market conditions; it’s advisable to compare prices from different suppliers before purchase.

List of Standard Specifications for 70mm Armoured Cable

Specification70mm 4 Core SWA Cable
Conductor Material and TypeStranded Copper
Insulation Type and ThicknessXLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Rated Voltage600/1000V
Inner Sheath (Bedding) MaterialPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Armour Type and MaterialSWA (Steel Wire Armour)
Outer Sheath MaterialPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Cable DiameterApprox. 36.8mm
Cable WeightApprox. 4.23 Kg/meter
Maximum Current Carrying Capacity279 Amp when clipped direct
Minimum Bending RadiusNot provided
Certification StandardsTypically IEC, VDE, UL (Check with Manufacturer)

70mm Armoured Cable for Sale

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What You Need to Know About 70mm Armoured Cable

Discover the power of 70mm armoured cable for all your home, commercial, and industrial electrical needs. Get the complete picture with GLZW’s comprehensive guide, providing in-depth information on the durability, installation process, and the reasons behind its growing popularity. Don’t miss out on the essential knowledge before embarking on your next project – access our informative guide today!

What is 70mm Armoured Cable?

What is 70mm Armoured Cable?

70mm armoured cable is a type of electrical cable that is used for power distribution in heavy-duty applications. It is designed to withstand environmental and mechanical stresses, which makes it ideal for outdoor and underground installations.

Definition and Overview

70mm armoured cable consists of a central conductor, which is typically made of copper or aluminum, and several layers of protective covering. The protective layers include insulation, an inner sheath, and an outer layer of steel wire armor, which is reinforced with steel tapes or wires. The cable is then finished with an outer sheath that provides additional protection against moisture, abrasion, and other external factors.

Cable Construction

70mm armoured cable is constructed to be robust and durable, which allows it to withstand harsh environments and mechanical stresses. The central conductor of the cable carries the electrical current, while the protective layers provide insulation and protection. The inner sheath is designed to prevent any water or moisture from penetrating the cable, while the outer sheath provides additional protection against damage and abrasion. The steel wire armor layer provides further reinforcement, which makes the cable resistant to impact and crushing.

Core Armoured Cable

The core armoured cable is a type of 70mm armoured cable that is used for direct burial applications. It contains a central conductor, which is surrounded by layers of insulation and steel wire armor. The steel wire armor provides additional protection against mechanical stress, which makes it ideal for use in areas where the cable may be exposed to heavy loads.

Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Cable

Steel wire armoured (SWA) cable is a type of 70mm armoured cable that is commonly used for power distribution. It consists of a central conductor, which is surrounded by layers of insulation and steel wire armor. The steel wire armor provides additional protection against mechanical stress as well as protection from rodents and other animals that may gnaw on the cable.

4 Core Armoured Cable

4 core armoured cable is a type of 70mm armoured cable that contains four conductors. It is typically used in applications where multiple circuits are required, such as in industrial plants or large commercial buildings. The cable is constructed in a similar manner to the other types of 70mm armoured cable, but it contains four conductors instead of one.

Key Features and Specifications of 70mm Armoured Cable

Key Features and Specifications of 70mm Armoured Cable

Core Size and Configuration

The core size and configuration of a 70mm armoured cable refers to the inner conductive material that is used to transport electricity. This cable is typically constructed with copper core conductors, providing excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The 70mm size refers to the cross-sectional area of the core, which is designed to handle high current loads.

SWA Armoured Design

The SWA (Steel Wire ArmoUr) Armoured Design is a specific design used in the construction of 70mm armoured cables. It consists of a layer of steel wire surrounding the core, which provides physical protection and durability. The SWA design protects against cuts, abrasion, and other environmental hazards that can damage the cable.

Voltage Rating

Voltage rating refers to the maximum voltage that a cable can safely transmit. The voltage rating for a 70mm armoured cable can vary depending on the specific application and use of the cable. Typically, these cables are designed to operate at voltages ranging from 600V to 1000V. Factors that can affect voltage rating include the length of the cable, the environment in which it is used, and the load capacity of the cable.

Current Rating

Current rating refers to the maximum amount of current that a cable can safely carry. The current rating for a 70mm armoured cable will vary depending on its specific configuration and design. Factors that can affect current rating include the size of the conductor, the ambient temperature, and the use of insulation materials.

Cable Insulation (XLPE or PVC)

70mm armoured cables can be constructed with either XLPE or PVC insulation. XLPE stands for cross-linked polyethylene, which is a type of insulation material that provides excellent electrical properties and flexibility. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a more traditional insulation material that is often used in electrical cables due to its durability and low cost. The choice of insulation material will depend on the specific application of the cable and the conditions in which it will be used.

Applications and Uses of 70mm Armoured Cable

Applications and Uses of 70mm Armoured Cable

Underground Power Distribution:

70mm Armoured Cable is commonly used for underground power distribution due to its exceptional durability and resilience. It is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, thereby ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in extreme weather conditions.

Mains Electricity Supply:

Another crucial application of 70mm Armoured Cable is in the distribution of mains electricity supply. The cable’s robust construction enables it to handle high voltage and current, thus making it an excellent choice for the reliable transmission of electricity from the power station to homes and businesses.

Electrical Networks and Power Distribution:

70mm Armoured Cable plays a vital role in electrical networks and power distribution systems. It is ideal for power transmission in long distance transmissions, as well as in the construction of transformers and substations. The cable’s high capacity and durability make it perfect for use in large-scale electrical projects.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications:

With its tough outer sheath, 70mm Armoured Cable can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Be it in industrial factories, commercial buildings, or residential areas exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as rain, wind, or exposure to UV rays, the cable is capable of withstanding all these elements with ease.

Nigeria-Specific Applications:

In Nigeria, 70mm Armoured Cable is an essential component of electrical power distribution due to the unique environmental, social, and economic factors that influence its use. Specifically, the cable is widely used in the construction of homes, office buildings, and industrial areas in the country. It is particularly popular in areas with high rainfall and flooding, where it provides excellent protection against moisture damage.

Advantages of Using 70mm Armoured Cable:

70mm Armoured Cable offers several advantages over other types of cables in terms of safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Its tough outer sheath provides excellent mechanical and environmental protection, making it a safe and reliable choice for power distribution. Additionally, the cable’s exceptional durability ensures minimal maintenance needs, reducing repair costs and downtime. Finally, it is a cost-effective option compared to other power cables, making it an ideal choice for large-scale electrical projects and power distribution systems.

Installation and Maintenance of 70mm Armoured Cable

Installation and Maintenance of 70mm Armoured Cable

Earth for the Cable

The first and foremost step in the installation process of an armoured cable is to ensure proper earthing. Earthing is essential for the safety of both equipment and personnel. A conductor must provide a low impedance path to the earth, thereby diverting any fault current into the ground. The cable should be installed in a trench with the appropriate earth bar at intervals to ensure proper grounding. The earth cable should also be of the same size as the power cable.

Cable Bedding and Sheath

Once the earthing is done, the cable should be bedded in a layer of approved bedding material that provides a protective cushion and helps in distributing the load evenly. This will also help in soaking moisture from the ground and avoiding any damage to the cable. After the bedding, the cable should be secured with a sheath that provides an extra layer of protection against mechanical damages, weathering, and UV degradation. The sheath should be made of materials that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion and should have a high impact strength.

Glands and Cleats

Glands and cleats play a vital role in securing the connection between different components of an armoured cable. Glands are mechanical cable fittings that create a seal between the cable and equipment or enclosure. The cable should be fed through the gland, which should then be tightened properly to ensure a secure connection with the equipment. Cleats, on the other hand, are designed to hold the cable tightly in place and prevent it from moving under stress. The type and size of glands and cleats should be selected based on the cable size and application requirements.

Protective Measures

Protective measures are necessary for securing the cable from any damage and preventing any accidents from occurring. This can be done by installing barriers, signs, and enclosures that provide protection from vehicles and other construction equipment. It’s also important to take into account the temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that can affect the cable’s performance and longevity. Regular maintenance and inspections should also be carried out to ensure the armoured cable is in good working condition.

Fast Delivery and Additional Information

Finally, when it comes to fast delivery of the armoured cable, it’s important to select a trusted supplier that can provide a reliable and efficient service. The supplier should have a track record of timely delivery, good quality products, and excellent customer service. Additionally, it’s important to have access to additional information, such as product datasheets, technical specifications, and user manuals, to help you make informed decisions about the product and its usage.

Advantages and Considerations for 70mm Armoured Cable

Advantages and Considerations for 70mm Armoured Cable

Durability and Resistance to Mechanical Damage

The 70mm armoured cable is designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for use in industrial and outdoor environments. The steel wire armour provides protection against mechanical damage, such as impacts and abrasions, while the PVC sheath offers resistance to water, chemicals, and UV radiation. The cable can also withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for use in high-risk areas.

Copper Conductors and Conductor Size

The copper conductors in the 70mm armoured cable provide excellent conductivity and reduced electrical resistance. The conductor size of the cable is 70mm, which ensures that it can carry high currents with minimal voltage drop. This feature makes the cable suitable for power transmission over long distances or to power heavy machinery and equipment.

Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulation (XLPE)

The 70mm armoured cable features a cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE), which offers better electrical properties than traditional insulation materials. The XLPE insulation provides enhanced resistance to heat and chemical damage, which helps maintain the cable’s performance over time.

Steel Wire Armour and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheath

The steel wire armour protects the cable against physical damage and bending stress, while the PVC sheath acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture, chemicals, and environmental factors. The combination of these two protective layers enhances the cable’s durability and makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Current and Voltage Ratings

The current and voltage ratings of the 70mm armoured cable determine the maximum amount of electrical power it can transmit safely. The cable’s current rating is 304 amps, while its voltage rating is 600/1000 volts. These ratings make the cable suitable for use in heavy-duty industrial applications such as powering motors, generators, and other heavy machinery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The term “70mm” refers to the size of the conductor (core) in the cable. In a 70mm armoured cable, the conductor has a cross-sectional area of 70mm², which determines its current-carrying capacity.

A: A 4 core armoured cable refers to a cable that consists of four cores (conductors) within it. Each core within the cable is insulated and then grouped together in a bundle. This type of cable is commonly used for applications that require multiple power lines.

A: SWA cable, short for steel wire armoured cable, is a type of cable that is designed to provide mechanical protection and resistance against external forces. It is commonly used in power networks and underground applications where the cable needs to be durable and provide long-term reliability.

A: The specification of a 70mm 4 core SWA cable includes a conductor size of 70mm² for each core and four insulated cores grouped together. It also includes steel wire armor for mechanical protection and a PVC outer sheath for additional insulation and protection.

A: Yes, fast delivery is available for 70mm armoured cables. We understand the urgency of your electrical needs and strive to provide quick and reliable delivery services for your convenience.

A: Yes, we have additional information available about 70mm armoured cables. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please feel free to contact our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you with the information you need.

A: Yes, you can buy a 70mm armoured cable per meter. We offer flexible options for purchasing cables, allowing you to buy the exact length you need for your specific application.

A: A BS5467 cable is a type of cable that conforms to the British Standard (BS) 5467. It is commonly used in low voltage power networks and provides mechanical protection and electrical insulation for various applications.

A: A 4 core BS5467 cable is a cable that conforms to the BS5467 standard and consists of four insulated cores within it. It is typically used in applications where multiple power lines are required, providing a reliable solution for delivering mains electricity.

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